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Kauai Real Estate | Real Estate's group of boutique Realtors serve Kauai Island with mainland vim and vigor. We don't believe in "Island Time" one bit. We have served some pretty fantastic people over the years using pure hustle, creativity, high technology and knowledge of the market. We are honest, competent, caring and have a specialist for every facet of the real estate business.

We do it all: Single Family Homes, Condos, Land, Development, Property Management, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Estates, Investment.

Our feeling is, Kauai deserves to have a team that wants to know more about the humans they work for. It's a commitment and a leap of faith to work with a Realtor. Same with us, we feel that we can only have so many clients to serve them all with equal love and respect. When you become a client, you are family. So, let's get to know each other, team up and have some fun.